solar panels

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Solar Panels

Solar Panels Features And Benefits
Manufactured from high quality multicrystalline silicon wafers
Uniform surface morphology through isotropic texturization
Emitter deposition in a metal-free roller furnace
Uniform blue anti-reflection coating to enhance wide spectral response
Metallization through highly automated printing line with world-class vision system ensuring best print quality through auto-paste dispenser
Edge isolation by laser ablation technique
100% sorting for both visual and electrical parameters using class A sorter

Manufacturing Excellence
Proprietary wafer inspection system to carry out 100% incoming wafer inspection to ensure highest wafer to cell yield
Inline integrated quality control and monitoring
Highly safe operating conditions through automated Chemical Dosing System (CDS)
Automated cell sorting into 32 separate bins based on IEC 609041 guidelines

Quality Standards
100% inspection for reverse current, shunt resistance and series resistance
100% inspection for visual and optical defects such as cracks or holes, finger interruption, rear bus bar interruption, missing Aluminium print per cell, and surface contamination
Cells calibrated to reference cells from Fraunhofer ISE cell lab, Germany, traceable to NIST standard
Bar-coded packaging to facilitate complete “wafer to cell” electronic data trai

Solar Panels

Catalog Number Model Peak Power
No. of Cells Download Catalog Lenght x width x thickness (mm)
Crystalline Silicone (Multi-silicon)
 solar-panels Solar Panels BHF 3W
3 Watts 36
Download Catalog 255X185X22
solar-panels Solar Panels BHF 5W 5 Watts 36 Download Catalog 290X185X22
solar-panels Solar Panels BHF 8W 8 Watts
36 Download Catalog 250X350X22
solar-panels Solar Panels BHF 10W 10 watts 36 Download Catalog 300X350X22
solar-panels Solar Panels BHF 12W 12 watts 36 Download Catalog 325X350X22
solar-panels Solar Panels BHF 15W 15 watts 36  Download Catalog 395X350X22
 solar-panels Solar Panels BHF 18W 18 watts 36  Download Catalog 460X350X22
 solar-panels Solar Panels BHF 20W 20 watts 36  Download Catalog 485X350X22
 solar-panels Solar Panels BHF 25W 25 watts 36  Download Catalog 630X345X22
 solar-panels Solar Panels BHF 30W 30 watts 36  Download Catalog 740X345X22
 solar-panels Solar Panels BHF 35W 35 watts 36  Download Catalog 485X675X35
 solar-panels Solar Panels BHF 37W 37 watts 36  Download Catalog 485X675X22
 solar-panels Solar Panels BHF 40W 40 watts 36  Download Catalog 520X675X35
 solar-panels Solar Panels BHF 50W 50 watts 36  Download Catalog 630X675X35
 solar-panels Solar Panels BHF 60W 60 watts 36  Download Catalog 740X675X35
 solar-panels Solar Panels BHF 70W 70 watts 36  Download Catalog 830X675X35
 solar-panels Solar Panels BHF 75W 75 watts 36  Download Catalog 900X675X35
 solar-panels Solar Panels BHF 80W 80 watts 36  Download Catalog 920X675X35
 solar-panels Solar Panels BHF 90W 90 watts 36  Download Catalog 1035X675X35
 solar-panels Solar Panels BHF 100W 100 watts 36  Download Catalog 1150X675X35
 solar-panels Solar Panels BHF 110W 110 watts 36  Download Catalog 1260X675X35
 solar-panels Solar Panels BHF 115W 115 watts 36  Download Catalog 1305X675X35
 solar-panels Solar Panels BHF 120W 120 watts 36  Download Catalog 1490X675X35
 solar-panels Solar Panels BHF 125W 125 watts 36  Download Catalog 1490X675X35
 solar-panels Solar Panels BHF 130W 130 watts 36  Download Catalog 1490X675X35
 solar-panels Solar Panels BHF 140W 140 watts 36  Download Catalog 1490X675X35
 solar-panels Solar Panels BHF 150W 150 watts 72  Download Catalog 1175X990X35
 solar-panels Solar Panels BHF 160W 160 watts 72  Download Catalog 1175X990X35
 solar-panels Solar Panels BHF 175W 175 watts 54  Download Catalog 1490X990X35
 solar-panels Solar Panels BHF 180W 180 watts 54  Download Catalog 1490X990X35
 solar-panels Solar Panels BHF 190W 190 watts 54  Download Catalog 1490X990X35
 solar-panels Solar Panels BHF 200W 200 watts 54  Download Catalog 1490X990X35
 solar-panels Solar Panels BHF 210W 210 watts 60  Download Catalog 1660X990X42
 solar-panels Solar Panels BHF 220W 220 watts 60  Download Catalog 1660X990X42
 solar-panels Solar Panels BHF 230W 230 watts 60  Download Catalog 1660X990X42
 solar-panels Solar Panels BHF 240W 240 watts 60  Download Catalog 1660X990X42


Solar panels is a set of solar photovoltaic modules electrically connected and mounted on a supporting structure to generate solar power. Solar panels module is a packaged, connected assembly of solar cells. The solar panels can be used as a component of a larger photovoltaic system to generate and supply electricity in commercial and residential applications. Each module is rated by its DC output power under standard test conditions (STC), and typically ranges from 100 to 320 watts. The efficiency of a module determines the area of a module given the same rated output – an 8% efficient 230 watt module will have twice the area of a 16% efficient 230 watt module. A single solar module can produce only a limited amount of power; most installations contain multiple modules. A solar power system typically includes a panel or an array of solar modules, an inverter, and sometimes a battery and/or solar tracker and interconnection wiring.

Solar panels are made of mono/poly-crystalline silicon cells. This product provides the industry’s leading performance and value. Using state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, solar panels has characteristics of high efficiency, long life cycle, hail storm proof and easy installation. Solar panel are widely used in roofing systems, street lamp, grid connected solar power systems and equipments. Burhani provides standard as well as customized solar modules according to customer’s need.


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